Significant social and financial benefits can be attained when using NovéFlex® Machines to provide flexible housing solutions. NovéFlex® Machines are unique because:

  • it addresses the social desire for FLEX REAL ESTATE;
  • destruction of valuable capital can be avoided by re-usinig buildings in a smart way;
  • vacancy and dilapidation of buildings can be reduced, while simultaneously increasing welfare, social security and the image of the location;
  • laws and regulations offer opportunities for temporary functional changes of existing real estate;
  • it reduces the number of activities on site; construction time and inconvenience for the environment are minimised since the number of construction errors are reduced;
  • working conditions are improved through the use of advanced and innovative production processes and industrial production methods
  • of the environment gains produced; less material is used and less demolition waste is created;
  • NovéFlex® living machines accommodate the broad social development to provide (temporary) housing for the medium term, for guests, students, the elderly and / or refugees;
  • with new materials and techniques it integrates equipment and systems;
  • through a more flexible use of buildings, it better and more quickly meets the social and often rapidly changing demand for housing students, the elderly, etc.. With traditional methods, the function of a building is often fixed for many decades;
  • a building with a monumental status and / or a with a valuable interior will not be affected by intsllations and can therefore be better preserved;
  • in remote places it easily provides the necessary accommodation facilities for special events, ex. as a (temporary) hotel, a new tool for the recreation market;
  • it provides a cost effective and high quality solution.

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