NovéFlex is the answer to the current demand for flexible functionality of buildings. With smart solutions buildings are transformed and given new functions. By using the NovéFlex solutions buildings can be equipped with all necessary facilities and amenities, without compromising the building itself. An office space can be converted to a living space within 2 hours. This living space will meet all the requirements and requests, but it can just as easily be formed again to an office space.

NovéFlex creates beautiful durable products for status holders and holidaymakers, but also for seniors who need extra care or for students in a bustling metropolis.

NovéFlex solutions serve the modern quicksteppers: they who are looking for a home that can be stored and moved. A home with an uniform or own identity that can be established at the manner and place of your choice. The solutions are socially and spatially scalable and manageable and they can be placed anywhere. The solutions connect to existing networks and the products are also prepared to function with solar and wind energy (off-grid). This way we can create homes in empty offices, residentials, farms or schools.

Impoverishment as a result of vacancy does not need to last for years. NovéFlex solutions are deployed from city to countryside and of course as exports. The functionalities of our solutions are exchangeable. For example, it is possible to install a small water treatment instead of a washer/dryer combo so that wonderful opportunities arise, for aid organizations or National Defense.

NovéFlex provides concrete and practical products. At the same time the NovéFlex ideology contains plenty of potential possibilities. With NovéFlex we go in the right direction, we get new opportunities and we can solve the current problems for real.

NovéFlex: housing in the 21th century!