“Focused on the user”

Projektburo Tieman B.V. provides expertise and solutions concerning housing issues since 1989. It participates in the NovéFlex project for realisation of flexible housing. In example Domuskoffer and opTie are results of this expertise and these are concrete solutions for housing issues. Empiris B.V. is owner of the intellectual property that derived from the preparations and realization of these projects

Projektburo Tieman creates and realizes housing solutions starting from the philosophy that the focus has to be on the user of a solution. housing can only be satisfactorily and succesful if the housed person or organisation was the core focus during the development and design of the surroundings.

Experience shows consistent use of this philosophy can provide us the best and most optimized housing. Since many years Wardo Tieman is the mind and engine for many extensive projects; he is a guiding and binding succes-factor in these cases. Under his supervision teams realize extraordinary projects for large organizations and sovereigns institutions/government institution. The teams proceed pragmatically and are capable to sift complex problems to manageable parts. analytical skills and conceptual and systematic thinking are essential conditions to realize the best housing.